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Welcome to the Hawk's Nest!

Cooper High School offers a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities designed to meet the interests of students. 

Participation in a school activity can be a valuable and rewarding experience, adding to a well-rounded education. Not only does one experience a feeling of satisfaction, personal achievement and camaraderie, but one gains skills in decision-making, goal setting and teamwork. We sincerely hope you find an interest in one of activities offered (school-sponsored teams, clubs and fine arts) and choose to participate. 

Online Registration for Activities and Athletics

Online registration is now available for athletics and activities were a fee is involved. 

To register online, you will set up a Family Account and add all of your Cooper students. You will need your student's ID number, which can be found on their student ID or report card. 

 Once you have them added, it's a few simple clicks to register and pay for the season activities. 

  • Use the same log-in information you set up in previous years
  • Create a FAMILY ACCOUNT - add all students to a single-family account
  • Apply for Educational Benefits to confirm eligibility for reduced fees. 



Athletics By Season