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Cooper High School offers a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities designed to meet the interests of students. 

Participation in a school activity can be a valuable and rewarding experience, adding to a well-rounded education. Not only does one experience a feeling of satisfaction, personal achievement and camaraderie, but one gains skills in decision-making, goal setting and teamwork. We sincerely hope you find an interest in one of activities offered (school-sponsored teams, clubs and fine arts) and choose to participate. 

NOTE: Some of these activities may not be offered every year.  Our offerings vary with student interest, our ability to locate qualified advisers and activity funding.  Also, students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch (educational benefits) may be eligible for reduced activity fees.  See your coach/advisor or the activities secretary for more information.

Activities and Athletics COVID guidelines

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) recently updated their guidelines regarding student-athlete participation in practices and competitions following a positive COVID test.

The updated guidelines are as follows:

COVID Positive Requirements:

Days 0-5: Individuals may not participate in practice or competitions.

Days 6-10: To participate in practices and contests on days 6-10, the individual's symptoms must be improving** and they must be fever-free for at least 24 hours

  • During days 6-10, individuals must wear a well-fitting mask at all times, avoid travel and avoid being around people who are at high risk.

  • If the participant receives a negative COVID test, they may participate in practices and competitions without a mask.

**Symptoms improving means that a person no longer feels ill - they can do their daily routine just as they did before they were sick. The cough should be greatly improved and they should no longer be feeling body aches/chills. It is normal for nasal congestion and loss of smell to linger for weeks, it is ok to return with these symptoms. Fatigue should have improved enough that they can make it through a full school day without needing to lay down and rest.

What this means:

  • Students may now return to practices and competitions on day 6, but a well fitting mask must be worn on days 6-10

  • If a student wants to practice/compete on days 6-10 without a mask, they must receive a negative COVID test 

    • Negative results from unsupervised home tests will not be accepted

    • Negative test results must be from a lab-confirmed/supervised COVID test. The only home tests accepted are Vault (ACON Flowflex) supervised rapid antigen tests, which are available in the school health office

      • COVID-19 antigen tests are preferred over PCR/molecular tests as molecular tests can yield positive results even after an individual has recovered from their illness.

      • Students at Armstrong may visit the school health office for on-site testing or pick up a Vault supervised antigen test.

      • Students at Cooper may pick up a Vault supervised antigen test from their school health office.

    • Documentation (image, PDF, etc.) of the negative COVID tests results should be sent via email to the following individuals:

      • School nurse

      • Activities and Athletics Director

      • Coach

      • COVID Response Team (

        • Please note: a photo of a test stick with negative results will not be accepted

    • If a student continues to test positive on day 6 or after, they must continue wearing a mask until a negative COVID test is received or until day 11

If you have specific questions related to school events, performances, activities or athletics, please reach out to coaches, event coordinators or performance directors.

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