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Coopers Award Winning, The Quill - Vol. 59, No. 8

Coopers Award Winning, The Quill - Vol. 59, No. 8

The Quill staff has released the Vol. 59, No.  issue of the 2022-23 school year. This is the final issue for the 2022-23 school year and The Quill's current staff.

Published May 26, 2023, this issue includes the following stories: 

  • Class of '23 graduates in less than two weeks, cover
  • IB exams made May a busy time for Hawks, cover
  • Awards ceremony highlighted student academic success, cover
  • NEWS: Grade-level coaches focus on student needs, pg 2
  • NEWS: BARR designed to support Hawks in ninth grade, pg 2
  • NEWS: Service event helped promote Wishes and More, pg 2
  • NEWS: Drone club members hope interest in group takes flight, pg 2
  • NEWS: Teens begin search for summer employment, pg 3
  • NEWS: Study skills help Hawks end year on positive note, pg 3
  • NEWS: Class introduces high schoolers to teaching career, pg 3
  • NEWS: Taking the next step - Post-graduation plans, pg 4
  • OPINION: Saying farewell to our graduating Hawks, pg 5
  • OPINION: Red-blue divide is still bridgeable, pg 5
  • OPINION: Deadlines are stressful but necessary part of going to school, pg 5
  • OPINION: Black history needs new focus, pg 5
  • OPINION: Having an older relative at same school...positive and negative sides, pg 5
  • OPINION: Sports participation numbers need growth, pg 6
  • OPINION: Subs often fail to help students, pg 6
  • OPINION: Military service is unique path some graduates take, pg 6
  • OPINION: Freshmen need support from staff, pg 6
  • OPINION: School uniforms can be key to changing a building's culture, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Tangled remains one of Disney's best films, pg 7
  • VARIETY: Freedom Writers is powerful film about teen life, pg 7
  • VARIETY: Initial film in Twilight series remains the best, pg 7
  • VARIETY: Off-beat humor makes Napoleon Dynamite a comedy classic, pg 7
  • VARIETY: Police procedural still entertains, pg 8
  • VARIETY: Premier Performers, pg 8
  • SPORTS: Volleyball team enjoys success, pg 9
  • SPORTS: Cooper Competitors, pg 9
  • SPORTS: Howard reflects on first year as Cooper A.D., pg 10
  • SPORTS: Timberwolves season sees another disappointing end, pg 10

Read the full issue here.