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The Quill releases their 2023-24 Ninth Grade Orientation Issue

The Quill releases their 2023-24 Ninth Grade Orientation Issue

The Quill staff has released the 2023-24 Ninth Grade Orientation Issue to start the school year. 

Published September 5, 2023, this issue includes the following stories: 

  • Ms. Smith Welcomes Cooper Class of 2027, cover
  • New Hawks learnt how to navigate building, cover
  • Advisory brings consistency to high school experience, cover
  • NEWS: IB Program provides rigorous classes, pg 2
  • NEWS: Student council amplifies voice of all Hawks, pg 2
  • NEWS: Media Center is information hub for students, pg 2
  • NEWS: Managing stress can make school easier for ninth graders, pg 2
  • NEWS: HAWK values guide student behavior, pg 3
  • NEWS: Class of 2023 offers advice to Class of 2027, pg 3
  • NEWS: Lunch and Learn system brings variety to the day, pg 3
  • NEWS: NHS organization gives high-achieving Hawks a chance to give back, pg 3
  • NEWS: AVID program guides students to college, pg 4
  • NEWS: All ninth graders need to focus on credits, grades, pg 4
  • NEWS: Schoology is central to classroom experience, pg 4
  • NEWS: Doing well in high school requires academic mindset, pg 4
  • NEWS: Counselors strive to meet student needs, pg 5
  • NEWS: Roundelay seeks writers, artists...annual magazine, pg 5
  • NEWS: Being to class on time is an expectation at Cooper, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Theater program planning '23-'24 shows, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Improv squad on the hunt for new performers, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Art classes...Hawks explore their creative sides, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Musicians have many ways to perform at Cooper, pg 7
  • SPORTS: Fall sports teams still seek new athletes, pg 8
  • SPORTS: Student fitness central focus of weight room, pg 8
  • SPORTS: Winter teams help students stay active during coldest months, pg 9
  • SPORTS: Ninth graders encourages to go out for sports this spring, pg 10

Read the new issue here.