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Issue 7 of Award-Winning Student Newspaper, The Quill, is now available!

Issue 7 of Award-Winning Student Newspaper, The Quill, is now available!

The seventh issue of The Quill is published April 25, 2024. You can read it HERE. 

Published April 25, 2024, this issue includes the following stories: 

  • Students win top spots in 2024 BESTPREP contest, cover
  • Prom committee puts finishing touches on 2024, cover
  • Driver's education classes can be accessed...Cooper, cover
  • NEWS: Falcons top Hawks in Reading Olympics, pg 2
  • NEWS: Xello website helps students plan for future, pg 2
  • NEWS: Ms. Hough wins annual staff soup cook-off, pg 2
  • NEWS: School offers various supports for pregnant students, pg 2
  • OPINION: Bad state of restrooms is everyone's fault, pg 3
  • OPINION: Caitlin Clark shows power of female athletes, pg 3
  • OPINION: Schedule change still has many drawbacks, pg 3
  • VARIETY: IB artists display their works in exhibition, pg 4
  • VARIETY: Live-action take on Avatar anime has so-so results, pg 4
  • VARIETY: One act play attracts new, veteran performers, pg 4
  • VARIETY: Across the Universe, is a treat...Beatles fans, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Viewers seeking a fun family film will like Mike, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Gran Turismo brings real story to big screen, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Winter musical relied on hard work, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Zenless Zone Zero is destined to be great, pg 7
  • VARIETY: Superhero fans should revisit Spider-Man 2, pg 7
  • SPORTS: Sophomore wrestler takes fifth at state, pg 8
  • SPORTS: Athena, Apollo winners named, pg 9


Read the new issue here.