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Lights! Camera! Action? Watch the film Here!

Cooper Theatre presents Lights! Camera! Action?

Did you miss the Live Streaming performance?

That's okay! The link to see the play is still available!!

Check out the show HERE!


Meet Charlie:

  • An aspiring screenwriter
  • Unemployed
  • Eats Pop Tarts for dinner
  • Takes the bus
  • And is soon to be single  

Charlie can't seem to get his life together, until he is reacquainted with his agent. His dead agent.  Who has been "sent" to guide Charlie through creating a great screenplay.  

His agent, a wise cracking, fast talking, blunt East Coaster, schools Charlie in the ways of great writing and film making. Barbara, the dead agent, takes Charlie to see the classic movies, both past and present.  

Will Charlie find his confidence and ambition once again? 

Will Charlie write the Great American movie?

Will his agent stop haunting him? 

Tune in to find out! 

Check out the show HERE!

Lights! Camera! Action? Cast

  • Charlie: Marcus Adams, Gr. 11
  • Barbara: Sulia Lee, Gr. 12


  • Jason Nyabuto
  • Aaliyah Hassan
  • Myah Stepney
  • Minzi Sahn
  • Ava Lindstrom
  • Fallon Shine
  • Zoe Hollander
  • Max Rekela-Jasper
  • Hannah Stadie
  • Addison Molitor
  • Zoey Morris

Student Directors - Camera People - Editors: 

  • Sarah Lehnertz
  • Rex Unzicker
  • Nicole Lehnertz