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The first issue of The Quill 2023-24 is now available!

The first issue of The Quill 2023-24 is now available!

The Quill staff has released the first issue of the 2023-24 school year, Vol 60, No 1. 

Published November 1, 2023, this issue includes the following stories: 

  • Students, Staff adapt to new No-Phone Policy, cover
  • Hawks welcome Assistant Principal Mr. Purvis, cover
  • New state policy leads to removal of school resource officers (SRO's), cover
  • NEWS: Reporting system designed to keep school safe, pg 2
  • NEWS: Seniors preparing for life after graduation, pg 2
  • NEWS: Student Council working on plans for rest of school year, pg 2
  • NEWS: Students question parking permit costs, pg 3
  • NEWS: New book club attracts lovers of mystery genre, pg 3
  • NEWS: School contends with teacher shortage, pg 4
  • NEWS: Open lunch gives Hawks a chance to leave building, pg 4
  • OPINION: Locked doors are an aggravating issue, pg 5
  • OPINION: "Just getting by" is poor strategy for high school, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Art teacher returns to Cooper, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Sekiro great for gamers wanting a challenge, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Scott Pilgrim is an underrated cult classic, pg 6
  • SPORTS: Runners get $80 shoe vouchers, pg 7
  • SPORTS: School mascot brings cheer to Cooper, pg 8
  • SPORTS: Hawks football squad enjoys winning season, pg 8

Read the new issue here.