Robbinsdale Area Schools

The Quill, Vol.58, No 2 - Now Available

The Quill, Issue 2 of 2021-22 school year is now available for your reading enjoyment!

Published Friday, December 3, 2021. Highlights include:

  • Hawk students walk out to protest area killing, cover
  • Middle school shooting results in no injuries, cover
  • Robbinsdale school board selects new superintendent, cover
  • Seniors tackle tasks to prep for graduation, pg 2
  • Relay for Life deemed a success despite obstacles, pg 2
  • Taking the next steps, pg 3
  • Opinion: Saying farewell to Cooper High School, pg 4
  • Opinion: Social media's benefits matched by its drawbacks, pg 4
  • Opinion: Hawks should take advantage of new weight room, pg 4
  • Opinion: Student support day should be a permanent part of schedule, pg 4
  • Opinion: Daunte Wright is yet another victim of police, pg 5
  • Opinion: Police killing of Chicago teen adds to shameful list of deaths, pg 5
  • Variety: Beware of returning to this Jedi, pg 6
  • Variety: Premier Performers, pg 6
  • Variety: Original Spider-Man trilogy ends well, pg 7
  • Variety: Mortal Kombat stays alive with latest installment, pg 7
  • Variety: Groundbreaking Akira still holds up three decades later, pg 7
  • Variety: Cinderalla gets update in Cinder, pg 7
  • Variety: The Four Agreements is a self-help book that truly does its job, pg 7
  • Variety: Blade Runner takes on compelling topics, pg 8
  • Variety: Hitman dramedy Barry is a great showcase for Bill Hader, pg 8
  • Sports: Wild poised for playoff success, pg 9
  • Sports: Cooper Competitors, pg 9
  • Sports: Viking execs make good choices during draft, pg 9
  • Sports: Struggling Twins try to correct shortcomings, pg 10
  • Sports: Timberwolves finally showing some life at season's end, pg 10

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