Robbinsdale Area Schools
High School

School Supplies

Cooper High School offers students and families a selection of common core courses as well as many options for elective classes. Due to the varied nature of the classes and subjects offered in high school, teachers will tell students during the first week of school if there are any special (or additional) supplies needed for that class.

School Supplies 

Some general items to have before school begins may include, but are not limited to:

  • Folders
  • 3 Ring Binder with pencil  pouch
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pens, pencils & highlighters
  • Colored pencils
  • Scientific Calculator: TI-30XS or Casio FX-300ES for Math
  • Graphing Calculator: TI-83+ or TI-84+ for IB Mathematics SL Years 1 & 2

    A case is provided for School-issued Chromebooks