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The Quill - Ninth Grade Orientation

Published Tuesday, September 6, 2022

  • Cooper opens doors to incoming freshman, cover
  • Navigating building a challenge for ninth graders, cover
  • Schoology plays central role in classroom learning, cover
  • Fifth period gives Hawks flexibility, pg 2
  • AVID program guides students toward college, pg 2
  • Health office provides students with supportpg 2
  • IB classes raise academic bar for students, pg 3
  • Class of 2022 offers insights to Class of 2026, pg 3
  • Chromebooks are central to learning experience, pg 3
  • Punctuality plays an important role during ninth grade year, pg 3
  • Media Center enhances student learning, pg 4
  • Ninth grade focus on credits, grades critical to future, pg 5
  • Learning how to study is important in high school, pg 4
  • Student council gives Hawks a chance to amplify their voices, pg 4
  • HAWK Values guide student behavior, pg 5
  • COMMENTARY: Now is the time for freshman to focus on school, pg 5
  • Variety: Art classes help students think creatively, pg 6
  • Variety: Hawks invited to audition for improv squad, pg 6
  • Variety: School literary magazine seeks contributions, pg 6
  • Variety: Music programs available to incoming Hawks, pg 7
  • Sports: Fall sports teams set sights on new players, pg 8
  • Sports: Freshmen learn about fitness in ninth grade gym, pg 8
  • Sports: Winter teams look to stay competitive, pg 9
  • Sports: Weight room helps Hawks get in shape, pg 9
  • Sports: Spring squads hope to recruit ninth graders, pg 10

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