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The Quill - Vol. 58, No. 8

Published Monday, May 31, 2022 

  • Plans Finalized for 2022 Grad Ceremony, cover
  • Cooper shifting its start, end times next year, cover
  • Weekly support day designed to help Hawks raise grades, cover
  • Seniors complete final tasks before leaving, pg 2
  • Exchange students reflect on year in America, pg 2
  • Yearbook students prepare to unveil Talons, pg 3
  • Final preparations now underway for senior party, pg 3
  • Sophomores finish their MYP Personal Projects (IB), pg 3
  • The end of the beginning- post-graduation plans, pg 4
  • OPINION: Summit let students use their voices, pg 5
  • OPINION: Keeping focused is important way to avoid lazy break, pg 5
  • OPINION: Negative impacts of the pandemic are still being felt, pg 5
  • OPINION: Reflections on four years as a Hawk, pg 6
  • OPINION: Change in school start times has good/bad sides, pg 6
  • OPINION: Legislation about trans athletes is a tough call, pg 6
  • OPINION: Wednesday program is a clear WIN for all students, pg 6
  • Variety: Nirvana classic lives up to hype, pg 7
  • Variety: Premier Performers, pg 7
  • Variety: Gamers should answer the call of Vanguard, pg7
  • Variety: Saul is stellar expansion of Bad universe, pg 8
  • Variety: Warcraft provides some excitement despite decline, pg 8
  • Variety: Super Metroid brings old-school fun to gamers, pg 8
  • Variety: Raimi makes Madness worth checking out, pg 9
  • Variety: Green's Alaska is a teen classic, pg 9
  • Variety: Ice Age 3 is an overlooked gem in the franchise, pg 9
  • Sports: Twins turn into the division's hottest team, pg 10
  • Sports: Oelfke retiring from Cooper, pg 11
  • Sports: Cooper Competitors, pg 11
  • Sports: Wild shows large improvement in '21-'22, pg 12
  • Sports: Timberwolves fall in first playoff berth in seven years, pg 12
  • Sports: Wild shows large improvement in '21-'22

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