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The Quill - Vol. 59, No. 4

Published Friday, January 27, 2023

  • Hawks make Kindness a focus before break, cover
  • Diploma candidates celebrate Silver Platter Day, cover
  • School health workers offer tips to address winter illnesses, cover
  • NEWS: Cooper alum gives back through AVID, pg 2
  • NEWS: Winter weather can challenge newer drivers, pg 2
  • NEWS: Hawks students share their New Year's resolutions, pg 2
  • OPINION: Excuses for tardiness don't hold up, pg 3
  • OPINION: Onlookers make in-school fights dangerous, pg 3
  • OPINION: District responses to recent gun incidents fall short, pg 3
  • OPINION: It's not too late to get involved at Cooper, pg 4
  • OPINION: Chromebooks can help, hinder student success, pg 4
  • OPINION: Late morning buses are having negative impact..., pg 4
  • VARIETY: Avatar sequel is flawed but engaging, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Marriage Story boasts excellent acting, direction, pg 5
  • VARIETY: New Overwatch falls short on serious gamers, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Films in Twilight series still hold up decade later, pg 5
  • VARIETY: Third Watcher features great gameplay, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Gripping plot drives Reid's Seven Husbands, pg 6
  • VARIETY: Premier Performers, pg 6
  • SPORTS: Hawks team steps into spotlight, pg 7
  • SPORTS: Cooper Competitors, pg 7
  • SPORTS: Hawks praise switch to new conference, pg 8

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