Glossary - DP

Curriculum All aspects of the teaching and learning process for students in an IB programme, namely its design, implementation, assessment and review.

Descriptors – Course-specific expectations for performance evaluation by the teacher. An example in Science: 1) transformed, manipulated and presented data to provide effective communication; 2) carried out a range of techniques proficiently with due attention to safety; 3) defined problems, formulated hypothesis, selected any relevant variables.

Diploma – A document issued by the International Baccalaureate (IB) after a student has successfully completed all requirements and earned a certain point total.

Diploma Candidate – A student who has elected to earn the IB Diploma during junior and senior year. This student is called an Anticipated Candidate in junior year.

Diploma Programme IB programme that provides an academically challenging and balanced programme of education, preparing students, normally aged 16 to 19, for success at university and in life beyond. The programme is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition from the world's leading universities.

Diploma Courses Student – A student who chooses to take one or more IB Diploma-level classes. Testing is optional but encouraged. A student who submits all the Internal Assessments and completes the exams for the course earns a certificate.

IB learner profile  A set of ideals intended to inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose, and providing a set of learning outcomes for each IB student.

IB philosophy The IB’s set of beliefs and values that guides the development and delivery of its educational programmes. It is reflected in the IB mission statement, the IB learner profile, What is an IB education? and the programme-specific documents that describe and explain each individual programme, all available in the resource and document library.

IB Programme – A worldwide program for K-12 students, divided into four sub-programmes -- Primary Years (PYP) for K-5; Middle Years (MYP) for 6-10; Diploma Programme (DP) for grades 11-12; and the Career-Related Programme (CP) for grades 11-12.

IB Scholar – Cooper awards a medallion which may be worn at graduation to each student who takes at least four IB courses and exams. Scholars are noted on the graduation program.

IB World School A school that is authorized to offer one or more IB programmes.

Internal Assessment – An individual student evaluation done by the teacher of a subject on a particular piece of work or accumulation of work (depends on the subject) and reported to the IB Curriculum and Assessment Office (IBCA). Internal assessments are based on descriptors so that there is a world-wide standard. Candidate samples are selected by IB which represent a range of performance, low to high.

Moderation – Process by which Internal Assessments (by the teacher) are evaluated by an external assessor (IBCA). IB examiners assess the samples and either lower all marks, raise all marks, or keep them where they are. The purpose of moderation is to closely adhere to the external standard, and to determine an accurate evaluation for the students’ scores which is in line with other students’ work around the world.

Orals/Formal Commentaries – An oral presentation given in English, French and Spanish by students is made and recorded for Internal Assessment purposes. A sample is sent to IB for moderation of all scores. English commentaries take place in December of senior year, and world language orals take place in March of either junior or senior year.

Predicted grades – Teachers submit predicted scores that they think students will ultimately earn from their total IB assessment. This is another way in which the teacher can see, when actual scores arrive, whether or not their thinking is in line with IB’s.

Scores – Students earn a single score ranging from 1-7 for each IB subject taken. Diploma candidates must accumulate a minimum of 24 points to earn the Diploma.

You do not have to know all this stuff when you start the programme. We will guide students and parents through the process, giving you the information as you go.

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