Senior Year



What you will need to apply to college:


1. High School Transcript - See below to learn how to request them on Naviance

2. Application fee - Colleges do charge an application fee to apply (*many colleges waive fees during College Week)

3. College admissions test scores (ACT) - some colleges take it off your transcript. For some, it must be requested from ACT  

4. Letters of recommendation - Many private 4 year colleges require letters from 2 academic teachers. Ask your teacher in person, then request it officially on Naviance (see below)

5. Application Essays - Required by most private four-year colleges or universities. See college website for details.

6. Interviews - May be required by selective colleges or universities.    How to use Naviance: Go to     Find the Naviance link under Quicklinks Username: Student ID #     Password: Birthdate (IE, 061201)

To Request a Transcript:
1. After logging in, click on “Colleges I’m Applying to” 2. Select “request transcripts” 3. Select “initial transcript” and find your college


To Request a Letter of Recommendation: On the main page, select “Colleges” on the top and select ‘home’ Scroll down & select ‘letters of recommendation" Select “add request” & find the teacher’s name you’re asking

** Available Scholarships are also on Naviance. Check it often!


  1. Should I use the Common Application? (

    If you are applying to 2 or more colleges that take the common app, then it may make sense to use it. If you are only applying to 1 college that takes the common app, it is usually best to do the application for that college/university. For colleges that are Common App Exclusive, there is no choice. You must use the common app.

  2. How many letters of recommendation do I need?

    It depends on the college. Generally, two letters of recommendation is a good number but some colleges do not even require them so it is best to do your research. Many scholarships do require letters of recommendation so having 2 is a good plan.

  3. How do I request ACT scores be sent to the colleges?

    ACT scores are listed on your high school transcript as long as you put down your high school code when you registered. First, check with the college to see if they accept it off of the transcript. Many of the MN colleges and universities now accept them off of the transcript. If they do not, you must log in to your ACT account, and pay the $13 for each college.

  4. How do I request transcripts and letters of recommendations?

    Transcript requests are done through Naviance, as stated above, and should be done at least 2 week before the college’s deadline. When requesting a letter of recommendation, it is best to give teachers at least 3-4 weeks, but this timeline is at the discretion of each teacher. The career center has letter of rec questionnaires available.

  5. Where is the best place to find scholarships?

    The scholarship list in Naviance! Local scholarships are the best scholarships to apply to as they have the smallest candidate pool. Also, check early with the colleges and universities that you are applying to and see if there are early deadlines (some are as early as Nov. 1st) for particular scholarships.

  6. How many colleges should I apply to?

    5 is a good average. Applying to 3 match schools, 1 safe school, and 1 reach school is a very good strategy!

  7. What is College Knowledge Month? During the entire month of October, many colleges waive their application fees. Check with the individual college for more information. 

  8. What is College Application Week? During one week in October, additional colleges will not charge an application fee. Check with the individual college for more information. 

Questions?? Stop by the College & Career Center (Room 211) 
& see  Ms. Warndahl!



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